PC Hunter is Advanced Information and Analysis Tool for Windows

We all have heard of the Sysinternals utilities and the Nirsoft utilities. These two sets of tools alone are more than enough to manage various key parts of a Windows system. But these utilities are available in form of a software suite containing many small programs, for example, Process Explorer, TCP View, Autoruns and many more. But if you want to manage your PC from a single program then perhaps you would want to work with PC Hunter. It integrates so many tools in one program that you may not want anything else for most of your Windows maintenance requirements.

PC Hunter is a portable program and works with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows (a different executable is available for both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions). As you launch the PC Hunter program, it will show you many different tools under various tabs. For example, the Processes (its more like Process Explorer), Kernel (shows the processes spawned by kernel), Kernel Modules (shows modules linked to kernel processes), Ring 0 Hooks (shows hooks to kernel – highest privilege), Ring 3 Hooks (shows hooks to user processes) , Network (it is more like Sysinternals TCP View), Registry, File, Startup Info (it is more like Sysinternals Autoruns), Other and more.

PC Hunter

But this program is not only for displaying the information related to all of these various sections. You can right-click on any entry under any section to see a menu of possible options. For example, under the Start Info section, if you right-click on any entry then you can see the options to delete that entry, verify the file checksum, analyze the file online and many more.

As you can see, PC Hunter is more of an analysis and research program designed to be used only by advanced users. Using this program, you can find and remove a possible malware infection, you can enable or disable unwanted programs, context-menus or toolbars and much more.

You can download PC Hunter from http://www.epoolsoft.com/.