PlayClaw : Capture Screenshots, Record Videos and Stream While Playing Games

If you love to play computer games on your PC and trying to find a way to stream your game play sessions on Youtube or Twitch or some other similar platforms, then you may find the PlayClaw software very useful. This software packs a large number of features for all the PC gamers – it can capture screenshots, it can record the videos of your game play and it can stream your screen to multiple game streaming platforms so that you can share your gaming skills with everyone on this planet.

PlayClaw has a Modern user interface where all the options and features are presented in form of big and small tiles. This makes it very easy to be used on touch screen computers. In the main window, you can find and configure options for encoding the video recording, choose the audio sources to be used while recording (you can record both the game audio and your voice through your microphone), streaming optins and more.


The software makes use of the hotkeys but tries to use the function keys (Fn keys in the top row of your keyboard) making it very convenient for you to take a screenshot, start or stop recording the video or start/stop streaming your gameplay online. You can always configure these hotkeys from the Hotkeys section.


The PlayClaw software supports all the popular game streaming platforms including Twitch, Youtube, Beam, CyberGame, GoodGame and HitBox. All you have to do is choose one of these servers from under the Streaming options and enter your streaming key. For the streaming key, you have to check the documentation of the respective game streaming servers.


Conclusion: PlayClaw is a feature packed software that all the PC gamers will surely love to have. It does everything that a modern PC gamer can desire – capture videos, take screenshots and stream the games as you play them on your PC.

You can download PlayClaw from