ScreenWings Prevents Capturing of Screen in Windows

If you use your computer for online bill payment, online shopping, online banking or other activities that involve entering the private financial information such as your bank login credentials or the credit card number, then you must be extra careful make sure that malicious software is not trying to steal such information. The malicious programs use a variety of methods to steal your financial data – keylogging (capturing your keystrokes as you type on your keyboard), screen capture (recording of your screen when you enter information on popular financial transaction sites like PayPal or bank sites), phishing (presenting you with a fake webpage that looks like the real website in order to capture your data) and so on.

Other than using the latest version of the web browsers (Firefox or Chrome is suggested), keeping your Windows up-to-date with all the patches, installing a good antivirus software, you can also use a screen blocker or screen blanker software like ScreenWings. This software makes it very hard to capture the screen of your PC as long as it is running in your PC.


The ScreenWings screen capture prevention software supports multiple monitor configuration too and can work with as many as six different monitors attached to your PC. It has a minimalist user interface which makes it very easy to use. It shows different PC screen icons in its window – each icon belonging to the screens connected to your PC. Most of the PC users will see only one icon.

As you hover your mouse cursor over these PC screen icons, a wings image is displayed near the top-left corner of the window. If you click these PC screen icons, they turn black and this enables the screen capture prevention for that screen monitor. Now if you try to capture the PC screen, you will only get black screen. You can turn off the protection by clicking on the screen icon once again.


Conclusion: ScreenWings provides the much needed screen capture prevention when you are entering sensitive information in various websites. It is portable, small and is obviously very useful for all online shopping addicts.

You can download ScreenWings from