Record Your Voice with Parrot App for Android

In this busy life we tend to forget things so often, especially when you think of doing something new. You get excited about the new ideas, but after some time you forget about them. One way to remember these ideas is to carry a pen and small notebook in your pocket all the time and jot down these ideas in that notebook whenever you think of them. But these days everyone carries a smartphone, so why not use the smartphones to record your thoughts. You can record your voice in Android using a free app called Parrot.

This app makes it very easy for you to record your voice or other sounds. Just launch the app and tap on the microphone icon to start recording the voice. It will show a waveform on your screen indicating the audio recording and you can pause or stop the audio recording using the respective buttons.

Parrot for Android

By default the recording is saved in the very high quality WAV files. But you can tap on the presets button and choose an audio quality (this has to be done before starting a recording session). You can choose the audio quality from ultra high to the very low quality. After finishing the recording, you can save the recording as a file on your phone’s local storage or on a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Parrot for Android

In the settings, it allows you to change various options for recording and playing back the recorded audio files. But most of the non-default options are available only in the paid pro version. For example, you can choose the recording source from your smartphone’s microphone or use a Bluetooth microphone. You can set the default saving location to be your SD card or make it display a saving options screen each time you finish recording.

Parrot for Android

Conclusion: The Parrot app for Android is an easy-to-use voice recorder that can record the voice from the smartphone’s inbuilt microphone or from a Bluetooth microphone. It is able to save the recording files in various formats like WAV and MP4.

You can download the Parrot app for Android from