Uninstall Programs in Windows from the Convenience of Taskbar

We keep installing programs in Windows and never remember to remove them even if they have served their purpose or never worked to start with. But all of these installed programs keep consuming the valuable space on your storage disk. In addition, some of these programs could be running background processes or services and could be launching some applications at Windows start-up. This can make your system slow, leaves little room on the storage disk for other operations and also ends up taking some portion of the system resources. To avoid all these problems, we should keep removing the programs that we do not really need anymore.

The only obstacle that makes people hesitate removing these programs is that they do not want to meddle with the Windows settings so much. And the “Programs and Features” is located inside the Control Panel too, which makes some people nervous. Once solution for this hesitation is to use the free 1Click Uninstaller which helps you remove the programs installed in Windows right from the Windows’ desktop taskbar.

1Click Uninstaller

The 1Click Uninstaller places a shortcut in the Windows’ desktop taskbar. You can click on this shortcut and a menu opens up from where you can choose to remove recently installed programs, any of all the installed programs, or terminate any of the running processes. Termination of a particular process may be necessary for successful removal of some installed software.

1Click Uninstaller

In the options for the 1Click Uninstaller, you can choose whether you want to display the “terminate processes” menu, whether you want to display the program icons in the list of installed programs, whether you want to include Microsoft programs in the list of installed programs and whether you want to include the “NoRemove” programs in the list too.

Verdict: 1Click Uninstaller makes it very easy to remove all the unnecessary programs from Windows right from the comfort of the Windows taskbar. It operates with a minimalist approach and does the job as expected.

You can download 1Click Uninstaller from http://www.softeza.com/1click-uninstaller/.