Download Sega Games Sonic CD for Free

The Japanese video games publisher Sega first released the “Sonic CD”  in 1993 and the game became immensely popular in the months to follow. Back then the game was released for the Sega CD gaming console, but later it was also ported for other many popular consoles and platforms like Windows PC, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation, iPhone, and Android. In fact, the “Sonic CD” is still very popular and was being purchased by thousands of people all over the world. Due to popular demand Sega has  made the “Sonic CD” free for many platforms in selected regions.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog CD, you play as Sonic (a hedgehog) who travels in time to to fight a Metal Sonic and to defeat his nemesis Dr. Eggman. The main goal of Sonic is to collect all the Time Stones through which the time travel is controlled. If Sonic is not able to recover all the Time Stones, then Dr. Eggman will collect them and would be able to control the future of the world. As Sonic, the responsibility of saving the world depends on your shoulders.

Sonic CD

You can download the Sonic CD game by visiting the Apple App Store and install it in iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. The free Sonic CD game runs very well but shows the ads during the game-play. But for the Android devices, you can either get the game from the Amazon Appstore or from the Amazon Underground. In all these cases, you must be from the US or European region. The Sonic CD download size is nearly 200 MB and contains the original Japanese version of the soundtrack from the 1993 edition of the Sonic CD game.

But if you want to play the Sonic CD on any other platform, then it is not free to download. Nevertheless, you can always shell out US$3 to purchase the original game and play it on your favorite platform.

For the iOS device (iPhone, Apple TV etc) download Sonic CD from

For the Android device, download Sonic CD from (You need to install Amazon Underground app first).


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