Blur Masks Email, Generates Passwords, Autofills Forms and Protects from Trackers

Blur is a web browser extension available for Firefox that can mask your email address, generate strong passwords, automatically fill various forms and protect you from various trackers present on many websites. Personally, I have never seen so many security features built inside just one browser extension for Firefox. This one extension does not stop there, it can also mask your credit card or debit cars – it can generate virtual credit cards on-the-fly so that your real credit card information is not sent over to any online shopping or online payment website.

After the installation of this extension, you have to create a Blur account for enabling all the features that it provides. Anytime you visit a website, Blur protects you from the hidden tracker code in various websites. Even though tracking is not such a big deal for most of the people, some security conscious people (almost to the level of being paranoid) may enjoy this feature.

Blur Extension for Firefox

In the settings for the Blur extension, you can choose to show prompts when saving credit cards, when saving accounts (login information for various online services or apps), use Albine tracker suggestions (Albine is the company behind the Blur extension). There are many more settings available from the browser toolbar icon for this extension.

Blur Extension for Firefox

When you try to sign up for a new online service or web app but when you do not want to use your real email address, this Blur extension will suggest you to use one of the masked email addresses (disposable email addresses). You can generate as many masked email addresses as you want. A similar approach is taken for the credit cards and debit cards – it creates disposable virtual credit cards that can be used only once. So even if the hackers happen to steal the credit card information from the servers of online services that you use, your credit card information stays safe because it was never used.

Blur Extension for Firefox

Conclusion: Blur provides security for your private data like your email address and credit card information. It also protects you from trackers and can generate strong passwords for your use.

You can get the Blur extension for Firefox from