Phone Cooler-CPU Cooler Master Helps Keep Android Stay Cool

These days really powerful Android smartphones are available in the market. Some of these Android phones have as many as 16 cores in their CPU (or SoC). This makes these phones more powerful than even the Apple’s iPhone 7 which runs only with a 6-core SoC. But as the number of cores increase in the SoC, it also considerably increase the heat generated by the smartphone. This heat remains unnoticed in colder climate countries like in Canada, Norway, Netherlands etc. But if you are living in hot or humid weather countries, then the same heat can make the phone slower and sometimes even too hot to hold in your hands.

With the help of an app for Android called “Phone Cooler-CPU Cooler Master”, you can keep your Android smartphone cooler even after playing the games like Asphalt for many hours at a stretch. What this app does is that it locates all the apps that could be making the phone’s CPU generate too much heat and alert you. The app is also able to prevent the overcharging of the smartphone battery and thus extend the battery life. The app can show you a reminder to cool down the phone.

Phone Cooler-CPU Cooler Master

On the main screen, the app shows the basic information about your phone. It shows the temperature, it displays the CPU usage and the memory consumption. A graph of the temperature versus the time is also shown to give you an idea how the temperature is changing with a rise in the CPU usage.

In the settings, you can chose the Smart Charge feature will basically integrates a lock screen in Android to display the CPU usage, the battery charge status and the temperature of the phone. In the options for the app, you can change the temperature unit and toggle the phone reminder to cool down the phone when it gets too much hot. You can also manually locate the apps responsible for generating too much heat and close them yourself.

Phone Cooler-CPU Cooler Master

Conclusion: If your phone is getting too much hot and then you can easily cool it down using “Phone Cooler-CPU Cooler Master” app. The app can locate the heat generating apps, alerts you if phone is too hot and can prevent overcharging of the battery.

You can download the Phone Cooler-CPU Cooler Master app from