GameSwift Helps Play Games Smoothly on Your Old PC

This year is finally coming to a close and the festive time when we all relax, eat, watch movies and play computer games is approaching us faster than you can imagine. And when it comes to the computer games, while we all prefer Xbox 360 or Sony Play station, some of the old school people still enjoy the PC version of the games simply because they can do so. But each year the newly released PC games seem to raise their system requirements and even if you manage to install them on your PC, they run with very poor performance and give no pleasure of actually playing the games.

If you ask a computer professional, they will give a canned answer for this very simple problem – “Upgrade your hardware”. What they suggest is that you buy a new CPU, new GPU, more RAM and if your motherboard is three or more years older then upgrade that too. But why waste so much money when you can still squeeze some juice out of your existing PC? You can actually use a performance booster software like GameSwift to improve the overall system performance so that you can have a smoother game experience on your PC.


The GameSwift software makes many Windows’ registry and system settings modifications to boost the performance of your gaming PC which allows you to play the latest PC games without having to invest your hard earned money in upgrading your hardware. These modifications made to your PC improve the memory usage, the priority of the foreground applications, disk access speeds and the performance of the GPU as well. At the same time, GameSwift does not patch the game files in any way which makes it completely safe to use.

In the GameSwift software, you can choose the operating system version and your processor but the software can also automatically detect these. Then you can choose the system boost speed settings from boost or maximum boost. After this a click on the button Optimize now will make all the necessary changes to improve the PC performance. At this point, you can launch your games and play them as much a you want.

You can download GameSwift from