Forty Windows Desktop Wallpapers for Halloween

Halloween is over for this year, but if you feel like you are not yet ready to let the horror fest go so soon, then you can still keep celebrating it albeit in a clandestine manner. You can decorate your computer with desktop wallpapers that can cause anyone to jump back when they look at your Windows PC. We have found a wallpaper pack from the depths of the internet that contains wallpapers that might give you a warm festive feeling, but also some wallpapers that can interfere in your sleep and cause the nightmares to become much more realistic.

Some of these wallpapers are taken from the pumpkin zone where you can see carved pumpkins or just a couple of pumpkins sitting together. This adds a good festive feeling to your computer’s desktop background. But these wallpapers have zero frightening effect on anyone who uses the computer.

Halloween Wallpapers

Then we have collected some of the witches wallpaper which again contain both the sweet looking good witches and the scary looking witches. You can choose which wallpaper you want to use in your PC.

The third type of wallpapers in the collection are the images of some real world haunted places. A look at this pictures can make you sick and scared in the stomach. You will have to seek some professional help to find the cure of the repeated horrible feeling of nausea after you have had glanced at these wallpapers.

So folks, keep the festivities rolling and make the most of the Halloween this year. Download this rare wallpapers pack and use them in your computers. You can also try to set these wallpapers in your mom’s computer and see what happens. Will she get scared or won’t she? How about your elder sister’s computer – it is always good fun?

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