Get Mac Look & Feel in Windows with Winstep Nexus Dock

The economy is not at its best, times are tough and you can see this even in the computer sales. More people are choosing the Linux and Windows computers as they are much cheaper than the Apple Mac. One of my friends recently lost her Apple Macbook, she had to buy a new notebook computer and she picked a Lenovo laptop with FreeDOS installed. Later she bought Windows 10 Home and installed it on this new laptop. The overall cost was around $350 and the result is very nice. But since she never used Windows, she had a learning curve and wanted her Windows to look a bit more like Mac.

If you are also coming from Mac then you may want to use the Winstep Nexus dock to have the same look and feel as the dock in any Mac computer. Winstep Nexus shows you various icons and shortcuts for the most frequently used programs in Windows. You can decide which icons are displayed in the Nexus bar. Not only you can customize which applications are included in the dock bar, you can also assign custom icons to these shortcuts.

Winstep Nexus

Moreover, the Nexus docking bar can be positioned anywhere on your screen, but people usually prefer it either near the top or the bottom edges of the screen. The dock comes with six different themes and you can easily switch from one to another of these themes. More themes can be downloaded from the Winstep website.

The Winstep Next docking bar look exactly the Apple Mac dock and can be fully customized. Apart from the siz standard themes that give it a striking Apple look,  you can also choose eight different effects for the docking bar. For example, you can choose the docking bar icons to be enlarged or wiggle back and forth, when you move the mouse cursor over these icons or shortcuts in the Winstep docking bar.

Conclusion: Although mostly an eye candy for most of the long time Windows users, the Winstep Nexus dock is a essential software for many of the Apple Mac users who have started venturing into Windows operating system.

You can download Winstep Nexus from