Remove All Colors But One from Pictures Using Vampix

One of those striking picture effects that we often come across in newspapers, magazines and also on the social networking sites is that desaturation of all the colors from a picture except one. This effect not only makes the pictures more appealing to the eyes, but you can easily switch the focus to any object in the picture. For example, in the Cosmopolitan magazine, I have seen this effect dozens of times mostly for the advertisements for the products like dresses or makeup items.

You can also create similar effects with your pictures and you do not have to use the powerful image editors like GIMP, or Photoshop. You can make use of a software called Vampix to arrive at the same result. The Vampix software is very small in size and take easily remove all colors but one from your pictures. It can also desaturate your pictures completely to turn them grey scale.

Vampix is very easy to use and even has all the steps written in the application itself. You have to first load any image from your computer. It supports only the JPEG images but if you want to use any other format image, then you can first convert the images to the JPEG format first. It is recommended that you pick images where objects and the backgrounds have contrasting different colors.


After this, you have to pick a central color from your image by clicking on the eye dropper icon and then clicking on the color you want to keep on the original image. The RGB value of the color will appear in the central color (CC) section where you can also manually manipulate these values.

By default, the threshold values are set to be 40, but you can slide them up and down to get the color in the neighborhoods of the actual color that you want to keep in the picture. You can also click on the preset values buttons Low, Medium or Large. A real-time preview of output is displayed in the window so that you know how these values are affecting the image effect.

Finally, if you are satisfied with the effects on your picture, then you can save it somewhere on your computer. Afterwards, you can share your images with your friends and family members on social networking sites and mesmerize them with your image editing skills.

You can download Vampix from