Keep Dialup Internet Connection Alive with Connection Keeper

When people talk about a dial-up internet connection, suddenly everyone starts thinking of the decades old dial up modems from US Robotics (that gave a maximum of 56 kbps download speed), AOL dial up internet connections and the strange phone dialing sound that came from these modems. These days almost no one uses that kind of dial-up internet connection, but dial up connections still exist in Windows. When you use a USB dongle to use the 3G/4G LTE connection in your PC, it also dials up a special phone number (typically *99#) to connect to the mobile data network (though you don’t get to hear those strange sounds anymore).

For the 3G/4G data cards or dongles that do not change the mode or status when you try to go online, you can simple configure a dial up connection through Windows settings and do not really need any special software provided by the dongle manufacturer. But for the dongles that change the mode (typically from a USB memory card mode to a modem mode) when you connect online, that special software is required.

In the case of the first type of USB 3G/4G LTE dongles, you can use the free software called Connection Keeper to keep the connection alive. As soon as the connection drops, this software will attempt to redial a new connection and connect you to the internet once again if possible.

Connection Keeper

It is able to automatically close any popup windows that appear on your screen and ask the user if they want to stay online. This is done using several methods, for example, using a simulated button click, using simulated keystrokes, or by sending a window message (this is how various windows communicate internally in Windows operating system).

The Connection Keeper can be used to monitor one or more web sites and also the DNS records belonging to these web sites. The errors that occur or are found during the monitoring of these sites (for example, if a web site is down or gives a HTTP 503 error) are reported by a popup window or by an email message.

Conclusion: All in all, the Connection Keeper software is a very helpful tool for the people who use any kind of dial up internet connection and do not want their internet connection to be dropped. It would have been even better if the software was available in the portable format.

You can download Connection Keeper from