Reduce JPEG Image File Size with TinyJPG

When people go out to buy new digital cameras, they opt for the highest resolution possible in their budget. Today you can get digital cameras with the resolution of 20 megapixels and more easily under a very affordable price range. But the higher the resolution of a camera is, the larger is the file size of the JPEG images it saves. It is not unusual for a digital camera to produce the JPEG files as big as 20 megabytes. While  they are very high resolution pictures, it becomes a problem when sharing these large JPEG files over the internet. Even if you have a good internet connection, transferring just one large JPEG image might take one or more minutes.

It is for reasons like this, you should compress the JPEG images and reduce their file size before sharing them online or putting them on your web site. A web app called TinyJPG can help you achieve this goal. This web app accepts upto 20 JPEG images at the same time and compresses them all intelligently. Every uploaded image is analyzed to apply the best possible JPEG compression and encoding, based on the content of your image and then an optimal strategy is chosen. After the compression, you can download the images to your computer or send them to your Dropbox account.


Unlike some other similar tools TinyJPG does not perform the compression of the images using just one method. Instead, it decides the best compression strategy based on the textures, patterns, colors and other things. Based on this images are optimally compressed and unnecessary metadata is also stripped. This results in a smaller JPEG file size without much compromise on the JPEG image quality. In fact, you cannot really tell the difference between the original and compressed JPEG images with naked eye.

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