Proto: File Manager for People Who Prefer Keyboards

People who have jobs that require a lot of tapping on their keyboard keys tend to fall in love with their keyboards and grow some prejudice against the the use of that small computer mouse. They know all the keyboard hotkeys and can actually create their own hotkeys for carrying out tasks at the speed of a key press. If you are one of those computer users who use the keyboards so much that they have to buy a new one every six months, then the Proto File Manager is something you will instantly fall in love with.

Proto File Manager is something from the world of Norton Commander, Midnight Commander, FAR File Manager, Q-Dir and Total Commander. All these are file managers that act as alternatives to the Windows File Explorer. What is so special about Proto File Manager is that it almost never uses the mouse. You rely only on keyboard. You can use the up-down arrow keys and press return (Enter) to select the folders or files.

Proto File Manager

And if Proto File Manager looks like a strange place that you have walked into, you can always press F1 to get a list of all the keyboard shortcuts. The list shows the keyboard shortcuts, their functions and the description. For example, you can press Ctrl+F10 to load new themes, you can press Ctrl+F11 to refresh the already loaded theme, press Ctrl+G to create a space chart for the currently open directory and more.

Proto supports tabbed browsing of the contents of your various disks. You can press the key Shift+Enter to open the selected folder in a new tab. You can open as many tabs as you want. For closing the tabs, you can use the hotkey Ctrl+W and to switch through the tabs you can use Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab.

Conclusion: Proto is a real fast file manager for Windows that can be controlled fully using just the keyboard. You can basically do everything from managing files and folders to launching applications using this small file manager.

You can download Proto File Manager from