How to Get Notified of Live Youtube Streams

Youtube is the most popular video sharing site, but it is not only a platform to share your pre-recorded videos. Actually you can start your own live video stream on Youtube and broadcast the live video feed from your digital camera. The live Youtube streams are being broadcasted every single day by not only the individual Youtubers but also by the large broadcasting companies like CNN, Fox, ESPN etc. You can even interact with the Youtuber’s using a chat box on the right side. But these streams do not stay live round the clock. Youtubers broadcast live stream only for a few hours (they have other things to do in their life too) and if you miss it then you cannot interact with the Youtubers.

There is a simple way to always know when a Youtube video stream is coming live. Youtube allows you to be notified of any live video stream of your choice as soon as it goes live. For this to work, you have to open the live video stream that you want to be notified of and then click on the small bell like icon next to the “Subscribe” button below the video frame.

Youtube Notification for Live Video Streams

The bell icon is the notification button and it will enable notification for that live streams to be sent over to your Android phone and to the Gmail associated with the same Google account as the one you use to watch Youtube videos. A further confirmation message is displayed where you have to click on the “Save” button for the notification settings to be saved.

Youtube Notification for Live Video Streams

After this, you will receive a push notification message on your Android phone and will also receive an email message sent to your Gmail inbox which is very useful for your non-Android devices such as Apple iPhone or Samsung Tizen.