Ransomware Defender Protects Your PC from Known Ransomware

You should consider yourself either smart or lucky if you have never had the misfortune of witnessing a ransomware infection. A ransomware is a special breed of malware that infects your PC, encrypts your files, locks down your PC and demands ransom money in exchange of sending a key to unlock or your PC or decrypting your files. All the known ransomware use very high strength cipher to encrypt your files so breaking the code and decrypting the files is not really possible and many innocent people and firms are actually forced to pony up the ransom. But you can easily protect your Windows PC using a combination of protection software like your regular antivirus software combined with Ransomware Defender.

Ransomware Defender works well along with all the antivirus products and adds an extra layer of security against the known ransomware threats. It keeps running in the background and blocks any ransomware threat before it has a chance to infect and encrypt any of your files. It also features a scanner that can be used to scan your system in three different modes – quick,  deep and custom. The quick scan takes a small time but does not scan everything, the deep scans your PC thoroughly but takes a long time and the customs scan works as defined by you.

Ransomware Defender

It comes with some of the tools that could be useful for PC management – History Eraser,  Secure File Eraser and Startup Manager. History Eraser can remove the usage data on your PC and protect your privacy. The Secure File Eraser can securely terminate a file and remove all of its traces. The Startup Manager can be used to view and disable the applications that run at Windows startup.

Ransomware Defender

Conclusion: Ransomware Defender can provide effective protection against known ransomware. But it does not provide any protection from other kinds of malware and should always be used together with a good regular antivirus product. But a price tag of $69.99 seems a little bit too much compared to some well known antivirus products like ESET Antivirus that costs $20.99 and Avast Antivirus Pro that costs $34.99 only.

You can download a trial version of Ransomware Defender from http://shieldapps.com/products/ransomware-defender/.