Wear Diapers When Playing Horror Games

Until now the PC gamers who enjoyed playing horror games were not really so much scared that they suddenly felt uneasy in their pants after losing control of their bodily functions. But now some people who have played a much talked about horror game Outlast are reporting that they actually crapped in their pants even after playing for 15 minutes. This is happening to many Outlast players and they are all not shy or afraid of reporting this on social networks (its a good thing that they are not posting any pictures).

Usually when developers of a game see some glitch or unusual behavior in the game itself, they tweak the programming and fix the issue. With everyone soiling their pants after playing Outlast, the developers had no choice but to address this problem by creating special diapers for the gamers. These diapers are being called Underscares (a play on the word underwears).

Underscares - Diapers for Gamers

Horror game players will find these diapers very useful. Underscares are to be worn before you start playing Outlast but nobody is going to stop you from wearing these when playing any other horror games. And if you are shrugging at the thought of wearing diapers while playing games, then do not worry as it is very natural thing to do. According to the Outlast developers, it is anything but natural to poop when really scared by something. They say that it is a physiological reaction in the event of a perceived harmful situation which also includes a spine-chilling horror game like Outlast.

The diapers have been designed with the help of fashion designers and are supposed to be very comfortable. The diapers also contain a pocket on the side that can hold your favorite beverage in case you feel thirsty while enjoying yourself with the game. The Underscares diapers are for the horror game lovers who want to feel the absolute panic without worrying about soiling their pants or the couch.

You can find more information about Underscares diapers for the gamers from http://www.redbarrelsgames.com/outlast-2-underscares-now-kickstarter/.