Scan & Remove Malware with Free Zillya! Scanner

The rule of the thumb for protecting our computers from malware infection is to always keep a good antivirus security product installed and to keep the operating system updated with the latest hotfixes and patches. The antivirus product keeps blocking the known malicious threats while installing the operating system patches plugs any known vulnerabilities that the malware often use to infect your PC. But sometimes even with all the protection and utmost care some nasty malicious programs slip under the radar can cause one or more system to become infected. In these cases, the only solution is to scan your PC using offline scanners tools from more than one vendors to ensure that no infection stays on your PC.

Zillya! Scanner is such an emergency scanner from the Ukrainian security software company. They also offer live CD and bootable USB tools, but those are for the times when your PC is totally unable to boot in Windows. If your PC is infected and you are still able to boot into Windows, then you can use Zillya! Scanner to rid of the malware threats infesting your PC.

Zillya! Scanner

The Zillya! Scanner comes as a portable software of almost 200 MB in size. You can download it once and keep on your USB disk to launch it on any infected PC (or suspected to be infected PC). The Zillya! Scanner offers three types of scans – quick, full and custom. It is recommended that you run a full scan of your PC using the Full Scan option for the very first time that you run the scan. For any consequent scans, you can use the quick scans. The full scan takes a longer time but scans everything thoroughly. While the quick scan just scans only some critical areas of your system.

It should be noted that this is an emergency scanner only and can take care of the known malware threats that could be hiding somewhere on your PC. But it should not be used to replace a full featured regular antivirus product.

You can download Zillya! Scanner from