Security Task Manager Allows Easy Management of Processes

Windows operating system comes with a built-in task manager that you can access easily by right-clicking on the taskbar and choosing Task Manager form the context-menu. You can also access the Windows Task Manager by using the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Esc. The Windows Task Manager is a very informative and comprehensive process manager where you can see both the system and user initiated processes and services among other things. But it lacks some of the features desired by security conscious users. For example, it does not have any options to view the command line or origin of a process. Neither does it contain any options to check a process with an antivirus engine.

If you are looking for a task manager that offers some of the very useful security features, then you can get Security Task Manager. It is an advanced and powerful task manager that allows you to analyze all the running processes, services and all the modules loaded by these. For each of these, it displays the company name, program description, the process file location, the CPU consumption and the memory usage. It also displays the rating for each of the processes so that you can see which of them is relatively safer.

Security Task Manager

These ratings are given by all the users through the Security Task Manager and can be used as an indication of whether a file is harmless or not. But this is not the only security measure for finding out if a process is malicious. You can select any process and click on the VirusScan button to check that process against more than 50 antivirus engines through the VirusTotal API.

The results are displayed instantaneously and you can see if a file is virus along with the results for each of the individual antivirus engines. If you find any malicious program, then you can easily remove it by selecting it and pressing the Delete button on your keyboard or you can right-click on the malicious program and choose Remove from there.

Security Task Manager

Conclusion: Security Task Manager can help you manage the processes and tasks running in your Windows PC. You can also use it to find and remove the malicious processes running in your Windows PC.

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