Get More Clipboards in Windows with MultiClipBoardSlots

For many many years, I have been using a Notepad window to supplement for the lack of clipboard features in Windows. The problem in Windows operating system is that it has just one clipboard. While for most of the people, one clipboard is more than enough some others find it inadequate. For the latter kind of people Windows Notepad has served as some sort of manually operated extension of the Windows’ clipboard where you have to copy and paste everything yourself.

If you are not happy with just one clipboard in Windows, then you can try MultiClipBoardSlots – a freeware program that can add as many as ten different and separate clipboard memory slots in Windows. These clipboard slots can then be used as separate clipboards for copy pasting any kind of data. You can even copy and paste data directly from one of these clipboard slots to another.


As soon as the MultiClipBoardSlots program is launched, you can see that five clipboard memory slots are enabled and available. These clipboard slots can be accessed using the hotkeys assigned to them. Typically you use Ctrl+N hotkey to copy the data to clipboard number N, and Alt+N hotkey to paste the data from the clipboard. For example, Ctrl+2 copies the selected data to clipboard slot number 2, while Alt+5 pastes data from the clipboard slot number 5. The clipboard sets from 6 to 10 are not enabled by default, but if you need more than 5 clipboard slots then you can enable them too.

The MultiClipBoardSlots progam stays in the system tray when you minimize it or close its window. From there you can enable or disable if such a need arises. In the settings for the program, you can choose to make it play a sound whenever you copy something to one the clipboard slots. Similarly, you can make it play a sound whenever something is pasted from one of the clipboard slots.

Conclusion: MultiClipBoardSlots is a small, portable tool that extends the clipboard count in Windows to as many as 10. It could prove to be very productive and useful for the users who do a lot of editing work on their Windows machines.

You can download MultiClipBoardSlots from