Three Free Games for Halloween for that Hair-Raising Experience

Halloween is a special time of the year when kids wear costumes and go trick-and-treating. But it is also the creepiest time of the year when they show all the horror movies on the TV, neighbors craft elaborate schemes to scare each others and many places organize public events where you get to wear the scariest costumes of your choice, drink and dance all night long. The games and the movies industry also plan ahead and release the best horrifying games and movies around this time of the year.

You can buy horror games from stores if you want, or you can have some bloodcurdling experience by playing these free games:

1. Which
Which is a game that gives an eerie feeling that someone is right behind you. This game offers three types of graphics – low end graphics (for cheaper computers – ask your mom to buy you a new one), high end graphics (for modern computers with good GPU) and 3D graphics (to have some real good chills – for this you need 3D cyan-magenta glasses).

Which Game Halloween

Without spoiling it for you, I can only say that in this game you are trapped inside a place and you have to find a door or some other opening to get out. But all of them are locked. And you are not alone – there is something beside you or behind you. Use a good headphone for better experience and turn off the lights of your room.

Download link:

2. Slenderman: The Eight Pages
This game is not for the faint of heart. You find yourself in a dark forest without any clue to the directions or time and are equipped only with an ordinary flash light. You have to find the eight missing pages from a manuscript. But you are not alone – Slenderman could be lurking behind any tree. Every time you look back, Slenderman comes a little closer.

Slender The Eight Pages

Download link:

3. SCP-087-B
You must have played games with levels that stay the same for all users. After playing once it gets boring, because you know what will happen on which level of the game. But SCP-087-B is different, it generates maps and objects dynamically – every time you play it, you see something different. This makes the game totally unpredictable.


In this game, you are alone inside a containment site. that holds strange and powerful beings. And suddenly there is containment breach unlocking the doors of these frightening entities. You have to go through the gloomy, spooky and dark passageways and make it out of there alive.

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In the end, I would suggest you that you should turn off the room lights and put on a pair of good headphones to make the most of these creepy games. I am sure that you would love the bone chilling experience.