WALTR Converts Media Files Before Copying to iPhone

We all have come across the annoying times when we copy a huge video file to the iPhone and when we go slide in the comfy couch to enjoy that video, it does not even play. Those times just give you an instant urge to smash the phone into a stone wall. But you can take care of this problem very easily by using the WALTR software which is available both for Windows and Mac.

WALTR acts the intermediary between your media files and your iPhone or iPod that you have connected to your PC via USB cable or through WiFi network. As with many of the iPhone related software, you must have iTunes installed in your computer as an requirement. As soon as you launch WALTR, it starts to scan your WiFi network for any available iPhone or iPod device. It takes only a few seconds before it bridges the connection between your PC and that iPhone. Of course, you can also use the traditional approach of using a USB data cable to connect the iPhone to your PC.

WALTR for iPhone

Once an iPhone is connected to WALTR, it will be displayed in the WALTR interface and you can select one of the available devices if you are seeing many of such available devices. After this, all you have to do is drag and drop the media files (both audio and video) on the WALTR window. It will automatically recognize the media file types and if the detected file format is not supported by iPhone, then it will quietly convert it into a supported file format before copying it to iPhone’s storage memory.

Conclusion: WALTR is perhaps the best painless solution for converting your media files to the formats recognized by iPhone. And it supports WiFi connectivity, so you do not have to fumble around with all the jumbled up cables – all the media files are transferred wirelessly to your iPhone.

You can get WALTR for Windows or Mac from https://softorino.com/.