AutoHDR Makes Ordinary Pictures Look like HDR Photos

If you have ever cared to look into camera options of your Android smartphone, you will perhaps find out the HDR mode. When you capture a picture using the HDR mode, it makes you point the camera at the object from a variety of angles. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and pictures taken using the HDR mode have a high range of color, contrast and light. As such HDR pictures look more vibrant and realistic. Basically when you snap an HDR picture using your digital camera, it snaps more than one pictures of the same object from a slightly different angle and then superimposes them to bring out the dynamic range.

But with the help of AutoHDR, you can add a little bit of HDR effect to your ordinary pictures. This is not real HDR, but it just fakes the HDR effect in the sense that it changes the color, contrast and brightness on its own and then superimposes the resulting pictures to bring an HDR looking final picture. It is not same as snapping a picture using your digital camera with the HDR setting, but it does make the pictures look much more radiant, vibrant and realistic.


You have to open a picture in AutoHDR and it will instantly adjust that picture using its inbuilt presets. But you can always customize how it handles various pictures. A preview is also displayed so you can zoom in and view how the settings are bringing out an HDR looking picture. You can change the levels of detail, color, contrast, shadows, highlights and more. You can save the picture as PNG or JPEG image.

Conclusion: AutoHDR can make ordinary pictures look much more realistic by simulating an HDR effect without actually needing an HDR ready digital camera.

You can download AutoHDR from