Create Beautiful GIF Animations with Honeycam

The GIF animations were very popular on all the web sites back in the late 90’s before the Macromedia Flash Player took over (Macromedia was later bought out by Adobe and it became Adobe Flash Player). Now that Flash Player is sometimes blacklisted by some of the web browsers owing to various security concerns, more web developers are looking back at the good old GIF animations once again. Fortunately, you can easily create good looking GIF animations using Honeycam.

Honeycam can make great looking animations and edit the already existing ones too. The program can be used to make the GIF animations using your gameplay screens, videos, or even the other screens on your desktop. When it is launched, you are presented with multiple options like Record, Edit, Import and Manage Files.


The Record option takes you to the screen recording window where you can record a portion of your PC’s screen and save it into GIF animation. The Edit option allows you to edit already existing GIF animations. The Import option lets you pick one or more images (JPEG or PNG) using which you can create a GIF animation. The editing screen lets you pick the order of different images, change the speed of the animation, add or remove transition effects, crop the images, add the text and more. The program also offers various editing features such as 10% faster/slower, reverse playback, yo-yo effect, reduce frames, cropping, resizing, importing, text/image watermark, transition effects, filters etc.


When you decide to save the GIF animation, a preview of the animation is played for you. If you are happy with the results, then you can choose to save this GIF anywhere on your hard disk. You can also choose to share images by posting them on Facebook, Twitter, messengers or forum as created GIF animations can be directly uploaded via free image sharing services.

You can download Honeycam from


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