Chameleon Task Manager Lite Auto-optimizes Process Priorities

With each new version of Windows, Microsoft developers do add new features and improve the Windows Task Manager but it still cannot compete with the likes of Sysinternals Process Manager, Process Lasso and Process Hacker. These alternative task managers easily supply all the powerful features that are nowhere to be found in the stock Windows Task Manager application. A new free task manager called Chameleon Task Manager Lite also comes with another such feature that should be in every standard task manager – it allows you to automatically raise or lower the process priorities based on which process is using up too much of the CPU, the RAM or the storage disk.

Chameleon Task Manager Lite is a free tool to manage all the processes that run in your operating system both the foreground as well as in the background. For each of the processes that it lists, it also shows a brief description, the RAM usage, the disk activity, and the CPU usage. You can right-click on any of the processes and choose to stop it, restart it, or change its process priority. The higher priority a process has, the more access it gets to the CPU usage. It can also find other useful services, display all files, folders, resources (bitmaps, icons and cursors), and registry entries that are associated with the processes.

Chameleon Task Manager

When it is launched for the very first time, it asks you whether you want to replace the Windows Task Manager with Chameleon Task Manager Lite. It could be a good idea only if you are using a Pro paid version because the Lite version has so many inaccessible features.

You can also customize Chameleon Task Manager to optimize the performance of your Windows PC by changing the priority, optimize RAM and optimize file cache when processes’ CPU usage, RAM usage, disk activity usage or file cache usage exceeds a certain specified limit. It can also display notifications about the resources usage and when a frozen program is detected.

Chameleon Task Manager

Verdict: With its optimization features, Chameleon Task Manager is a pretty powerful task manager that can be used to replace the standard stock Task Manager from Windows.

You can download Chameleon Task Manager from