How to Completely Disable DRM Videos in Mozilla Firefox

When you watch videos on sites like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Videos, the video content is delivered to your devices through DRM (digital rights management). DRM content is encrypted and can only be accessed and watched on specific devices and web browsers belonging to the client (that’s you). This way these media-on-demand services protect the copyrighted content from illegal redistribution.

By default, Mozilla Firefox for Windows supports DRM content and loads two plugins offered by Adobe and Google to make sure that you can watch any DRM protected content without any trouble. But if you do not watch such DRM protected videos or use any of these services in Firefox browser, then you safely disable DRM videos in Mozilla Firefox and prevent unnecessarily loading of such plugins. Here is how:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser, click on the menu icon on the top-right corner and choose Options.
  2. In the options window, select Content on the left side, then uncheck the box labeled Play DRM Content.Disable DRM in Firefox
  3. Next type about:addons in the address bar and press Enter. Select Plugins from the left side.
  4. Locate the two plugins named Primetime Content Decryption Module and Widevine Content Decryption Module and choose Never Activate option for both of them.Disable DRM in Firefox
  5. Next type about:support in the address bar and press Enter. Scroll down and click on Show Folder button to open the Firefox profile folder.
  6. In the Firefox profile folder, locate two sub-folders gmp-eme-adobe and gmp-widevinecdm and then delete them both.Disable DRM in Firefox
  7. Restart Firefox and you are done with DRM.

In case you want to re-enable DRM content once again in Firefox browser, you can to the the Firefox options and check the box labeled Play DRM Content once again. As soon as you try to play any DRM protected content, Firefox will re-download all the needed files. You may have to activate the DRM plugins once again too.