CloneBD Helps Clone Your Personal Blu-ray Disks

When my cousin got married last summer, they hired a professional videographer who filmed all the wedding ceremony using three different cameras from three different angles. Then they did the mixing and editing for two weeks before finally coming up with a set of four Blu-ray disks. Each of the Blu-ray disks was 50 GB in capacity. Even though the video services provided with 2 copies of the Blu-ray disks, many relatives demanded a set of the disks for themselves too. And I ended up with the job of cloning the wedding ceremony disks. I took the help of CloneBD –  a software that can easily help you clone the personal Blu-ray disks that are not copy-protected.

Obviously, you will need a Blu-ray Drive for using the CloneBD software and also the optical disk drive should be able to write to the blank Blu-ray disks as well. You have to simply insert the Blu-ray disks in your computer’s optical disk drive and then launch the CloneBD software. It gives you options to open an ISO image located on your hard disk, choose a folder that contains all the files from Blu-ray disk or select the Blu-ray disk in the optical disk drive.


As soon as you select a source, it takes you to the next step where you can choose if you want to clone it to another blank Blu-ray disk or whether you want to convert the video format so that it can be played in devices like Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. It can convert the Blu-ray disk video into MP4 or MKV formats. The rest of process depends if you want to select one chapter of the video disk or whether you want to convert everything. CloneBD can also be used for compressing a 50 GB Blu-ray disk to a 25 GB, 9 GB or 5 GB Blu-ray disk.

You can download CloneBD from