How to Change Stream and Download Quality for Amazon Prime Video

Amazon, the largest e-commerce corporation in the world, offers a premium member service called Amazon Prime. If you subscribe to the Amazon Prime service then you get many benefits like the speedy delivery of the products you purchase from Amazon and access to Amazon Prime Video which is the online on-demand video streaming service from Amazon. You can watch TV shows, movies, documentaries along with the special programs specially made for Amazon. Prime Video app is available for Android or iPhone, but you can also use any web browser on your desktop computer to watch the TV shows or movies on Prime Video.

When using the Prime Video app on your smartphone, you have the choice to watch the video stream online or download it to your device for watching later. In both the cases, you can choose the quality of the video that can be streamed or downloaded to your device. Here is how:

  1. Launch the Prime Video app in your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the menu icon and select Settings from the menu.Amazon Prime Video Quality
  3. On the Amazon Video Settings screen tap on Stream & Download option.
  4. On the Stream & Download screen, you can tap on Streaming Quality and Download Quality to change the respective video qualities.Amazon Prime Video Quality
  5. You can choose the video quality from data saver, good, better, best or the highest quality possible.

If you choose the highest quality, you should make sure that you have a really fast internet connection. An internet connection of around 8 Mbps minimum will be good enough for watching these movies without having to sit down and waste your time staring at that spinning circle that shows that video is buffering. If the movie is buffering a lot, perhaps you can choose to download it and watch it later when it has finally finished downloading completely.

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  1. Ty! I think there are just some videos that aren’t fixable. Some are clear, others are just tons of pixels. Pretty annoying.

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