CyanogenMod is Dead – Grab Latest ROM and Recovery of Your Devices ASAP

A very unpleasant news came my way this morning – CyanogenMod, the illustrious project of the open-source Android developers community, is now dead. Many people including myself used to look for the CyanogenMod compatibility in Android devices before making a decision to buy a new device. Having a CyanogenMod  supported device made sure that even if the device manufacturer does not release the latest version of Android for your device, you can always get the latest ROM from CyanogenMod website. Not to mention that CyanogenMod had so many powerful features that any other Android ROM cannot even come close to it.

Even though open-source developers are considering forking CyanogenMod into a new Android operating system, the CyanogenMod management has already taken the whole project offline. Fortunately, they have kept the downloads section still working and you can download the latest version of the CyanogenMod ROM and the recovery from there.


So if you have any of the devices running on the CyanogenMod OS then it is a good idea to grab the latest copy of the CyanogenMod and recovery and save them somewhere on your PC or somewhere on a cloud storage. This will make sure that if you ever need to fresh install Android (CyanogenMod) on your device then you can get it in the future when the CyanogenMod website completely goes offline. You can visit to download the ROM.


However, if everything goes as planned by the open-source Android community then they will fetch all the necessary files in time from the CyanogenMod servers and switch over to Lineage OS servers. Lineage OS is the CyanogenMod fork. At the moment, the Lineage OS website has only some announcements and it is supposed to stay like this for many days or weeks.

You can visit the Lineage OS website at