Remove Unwanted Features from Windows 10 with Debloat Windows 10

When you start using Windows 10 for the very first time after a fresh installation, you soon realize that there are so many programs and background processes running that you do not really use or care for. For example, Windows 10 comes with OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud storage) pre-installed. The programs related to OneDrive launch every time you start Windows and keep running in the background even if you do not use it. Apart from these unwanted components, Windows 10 also has some components installed with the sole purpose of regularly harvesting the user data and sending it back to the Microsoft servers.

We have already covered so many different tools that promise of removing these components from Windows 10 such as DWS, O&O Shutup, Spybot Anti-beacon, Ashampoo Antispy, DoNotSpy10, Privacy Repairer and so on. But if you like to work with PowerShell scripts then you can try your hands on Debloat Windows 10 which is basically a collection of PowerShell scripts.

The Debloat Windows 10 scripts has nine scripts in total which handle different things. You can run one or more than one scripts depending on your needs. If you have PowerShell knowledge, then you can even edit these scripts to tailor them to your requirements.

After downloading the Debloat Windows 10 scripts, you have to extract them to a folder on your computer. Then open that folder and from select File → Open Windows PowerShell → Open Windows PowerShell as administrator from the File Explorer.

Debloat Windows 10

After this you have to set the scripts execution policy to Unrestricted so that you can run the downloaded scripts using the command Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted. Next, you have to unblock the downloaded scripts. You can do so in Windows File Explorer by right-clicking on each script file, opening properties and then selecting the Unblock checkbox before saving the properties. But you can unblock the files much faster from PowerShell using the command ls -Recurse *.ps* | Unblock-File.

Debloat Windows 10

After this, you can just change the directory to the scripts using the command CD .\scripts\ and then start executing the scripts that you want. For example, if you want the OneDrive to disappear from your Windows 10 PC, then you can run the script remove-onedrive.ps1.

Conclusion: Debloat Windows 10 is a collection of PowerShell scripts that can remove the unwanted components from your Windows 10 PC.

You can download Debloat Windows 10 scripts from