Google Santa Tracker Teaches Christmas Traditions

Google puts up a worldwide tracker for Santa Claus every year for past many years. In fact people now do expect Google to start the Santa Tracker at the beginning of the December every year. In a way Google Santa Tracker has become a tradition in itself for all the people who look forward to the holidays and celebrations. And now in the Google Santa Tracker, they have added another informative feature that could be very useful in teaching young children of some of the Christmas traditions around the world.

When I was checking (and mind you, I am not a kid myself), I was surprised to learn some of these traditions that take place around the world on the Christmas day itself or during the festive season. For example, do you know that in South Korea, Christmas is considered a sort of romantic day and couples go on dates on this day. Perhaps Google should have added why South Koreans consider it a romantic day, but hey perhaps they just want you to google about it.

Santa Tracker

Similarly, in Argentina they do not wait for the morning of the Christmas day to open the gifts. As soon as the clock strikes the midnight hour, they start celebrating, dancing, singing and opening gifts. Perhaps kids in Argentina are not that patient or you can consider them a little bit fortunate as they do not have to dream about the gifts that they will find around the Christmas tree the next morning.

But of course, Google does not cover all the countries and all the traditions. For example, I personally have been to Japan and Philippines and both countries are real big when it comes to the Christmas celebrations. But there is nothing about them on the Google Santa Tracker. Nevertheless, Google Santa Tracker is a great modern tradition in the making and many kids go online just to see whereabouts of their loved Santa Claus through this tracker.

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