LoiLo Game Recorder Captures PC Game Play as Video Files

That time of the year closing on us when we all love to eat delicious sweets, watch movies and play games. But as any serious PC gamer would want to do, if you want to share your gaming skills with others then you have to either take the screenshots or capture the videos of the gameplay. You can share these pictures or videos over a social network or video sharing sites like Dailymotion or vimeo. But the gameplay video capture turns out really good if you use a really good software like LoiLo Game Recorder.

The LoiLo Game Recorder records all that happens on your computer screen without using any special media codecs and saved the videos as large AVI files. This means that all of your videos will retain full quality, no CPU or GPU power will be wasted in encoding the videos while you play the computer games, but it will also mean that you should have a dedicated SSD or hard disk with a lot of free storage space to save these videos.

LoiLo Game Recorder

Both the game capture start and end are initiated with the help of the same hotkey F6. So whenever you want to start recording the screen as you enjoy playing computer games, just press the F6 key. When you wish to finish the recording of the videos, just press F6 key once again. You can choose to record the PC audio or audio from the microphone or both. After recording a video, you can quickly upload your gaming videos to your Youtube account by clicking on the Youtube logo button.

In the settings, you can choose the folder location for saving the videos. You should choose a faster and larger storage disk for this purpose. You can change the video frame rate, resolution and the quality etc. You can also pick a recording mode like DirectX or OpenGL.

Verdict: LoiLo Game Recorder can be useful utility for all the PC gamers and helps them quickly record the game play just by pressing a pre-defined hotkey. All the videos are saved as AVI files which can be edited and encoded universally in all video editing software.

You can download LoiLo Game Recorder from http://loilo.tv/us/product/game_recorder.