LaunchBar Commander is Free Dock Program for Windows

When computing world started to use operating systems with graphical user interfaces as opposed to the command line interfaces in the early 90s, a new feature came into existence – docks. A dock is basically a feature in an operating system that keeps the shortcuts to various frequently used programs and settings. Apple Mac was the first operating system to implement a feature rich dock. Microsoft Windows also implemented it in the form of the task bar, but even after so many years users coming from the Mac to Windows find the Windows task bar a little inferior. And this is where the third party dock programs come – they fill a gap left out by Windows task bar.

LaunchBar Commander

LaunchBar Commander is a dock program that can easily replace the Windows task bar for many users. It shows a floating dock that can be resized, moved and customized to your liking. Many of the users choose to keep such a dock on the right-edge of the screen, but some also keep it near the top-edge of the screen. You can right-click on the system tray icon to show or hide this dock as well as configure its settings.

LaunchBar Commander

In the preferences, you can add or remove cascading program shortcuts as you like. The number of shortcuts that you can add is practically unlimited giving you a much faster access to them. You can add groups or nodes and then give it a new name. Then you can add new shortcuts to programs, folders, websites etc, under these nodes. You can assign hotkeys and icons to these shortcuts. What is more, you can add as many docks as you want.

LaunchBar Commander

Conclusion: LaunchBar Commander is a powerful dock application for Windows. It looks a little intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of all the preferences and learn how to customize it, you will find it very convenient and productive.

You can download LaunchBar Commander from

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