Activate Tiny Hot Corners for Windows 10 with Hotcorner Utility

People who have to work on two different operating systems every now and then, often feel the confusion brought about by the change in the ways you work with different operating systems. It is the same confusion you get when someone re-arranges various objects in your room and you keep looking at the wall clock in the wrong place. It takes a little time before you get used to the new arrangement whether it is your room or a new operating system. If you use the hot corner feature in Mac or Linux that shows the active windows when you move the mouse pointer to the top-left corner of the desktop and feel confused when using Windows 10, then you can use the open-source Hotcorner utility to make it work in Windows 10 too.

Hotcorner is an small open source tool with the sole purpose of opening the Task View screen in Windows 10. The Task View screen can also be accessed using the Win+Tab hotkey. Using this hotkey is very easy, then why would use this Hotcorner tool? The answer is simple – it is for those people who often get confused when using Windows 10 and keep moving the mouse pointer in the top-left corner to wait for something to happen.

Hotcorner for Windows 10

Using the Hotcorner tool is very easy – all you have to do is launch the hotcorner.exe application. The program has no GUI, it keeps running in the background and when you move the mouse pointer in the top-left corner of the desktop, it shows the Task View screen. You can choose an action on the Task View screen or press the Escape key to close it.

Hotcorner for Windows 10

Since Hotcorner has no GUI, how would you close it? The tool has a built-in hotkey that can be used to close it down. This Ctrl+Alt+C hotkey is hardcoded and instantly closes down the application. But you can also close this application using the Windows Task Manager.

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