Light Alloy is Lightweight Media Player for Windows

Back in the old days of Windows XP, most people started out watching videos on their PC using the Windows Media Player that was included in the Windows operating system itself. And if you ever came across videos that would not play with Windows Media Player, then you could install some codecs for it. In those days codecs were available separately and as their popularity caught on, they started to create media codec packs that contained all the necessary codecs for playing all sorts of video files.

But now nobody bothers about media codec packs, now they use media players like VideoLan VLC or Light Alloy. Everyone knows about VLC media player and that it does not require any codecs. Just like the VLC media player, Light Alloy also does not need any media codecs to play videos or audio files. It is a free media player that offers convenient, clear and customizable  interface. This media player can quickly and seamlessly play back video in HD quality (including DVD and Blu-ray), capture screenshots and configure the sound and image quality.

Light Alloy

Light Alloy supports all kinds of subtitle files like SRT, SUB, SSA and even TXT. It can play all kinds of DVD movies. In the configuration for the Light Allow you can set the appropriate picture quality, the proportion of the screen (diagonal), the level of brightness, contrast and saturation, and configure advanced options for subtitles. You can also change the folder where the screenshot is saved (you can save the screenshot by clicking on the small camera icon near the timeline).

Light Alloy

You can choose one of the skins or themes from under the interface. The default skin for the version 4.9 is Omega which is a very dark theme. You can download even more such skins/themes from the Light Alloy website.

You can download Light Alloy from