Turn Anyone into Santa with PhotoFunia Santa Effect

The Christmas morning is perhaps the most awaited morning in the world. This is the morning when you get out of your bed and rush straight to the Christmas tree to see which of the beautifully wrapped gifts have your name written on them. Some of the precocious kids have started not to expect a Santa, but the young ones still hope to see some sort of Santa on the day before the Christmas day. And when they fall asleep waiting for him, they often complain the next day. Only if you can shown them a picture of Santa loitering around your house. Now you can take your picture and turn it into Santa Claus in a second using the special Santa effect of PhotoFunia. Here is how:

  1. Visit PhotoFunia website at https://photofunia.com/categories/all_effects/santa. You can see the effect samples on the right side.PhotoFunia Santa
  2. You can upload your picture by clicking on the Choose Photo button. There are several options for choosing the photo – you can upload the photo from your PC, snap a fresh picture using the webcam attached to your PC, or fetch one from any of your social networking accounts or cloud storage accounts.PhotoFunia Santa
  3. There are two options – no mustache and no glasses. If you are a girl, then perhaps you should choose the no mustache option. But it all depends on what kind of Santa photo do you want.
  4. You can now click on the Go button. Rest of the process is handled automatically by the PhotoFunia servers, they detect the face in your picture and create a beautiful Santa picture using this. You can download this picture to your computer or share it with friends.PhotoFunia Santa

Conclusion: Using PhotoFunia’s Santa effect, you can turn any of your pictures into a Santa picture. This is great for satiating the little kids desire to see how Santa looks, for creating a personalized coffee mug or for making a greetings card.