MetaFox Offers Fast Conversion of Video Files to MKV Format

Even though the popular MP4 video files are work universally on all kinds of devices, you can get a much better quality using the Matroska (MKV). The Matroska video format is supported by all the mainstream media players and so you should have no difficulty playing back the MKV video files in your PC or smart TV. If nothing else works, then you can always play the MKV videos using the popular VideoLAN VLC media player. The only question remains is how you can convert your existing video collection to the MKV format. You can use the free MetaFox software to convert your video files to the MKV format.

MetaFox is designed using Microsoft .NET 3.5 and so you may need to install it .NET 3.5 framework in your Windows 10 PC before launching it. The first time MetaFox runs, it shows a message that Haali Media Splitter is required for the conversion. You can download Haali Media Splitter from and install it in your PC. After installing Haali Media Splitter, launch the MetaFox once again.


In the MetaFox window, you can just drag-n-drop all the video files or folders containing these files and it will start the conversion process for all the files – converting all the files one by one into the MKV format. The output MKV files will be saved in the same folder as the original video files using the same filenames but with the MKV file extension.

If you click on the Settings button MetaFox, then you will find the options to use alternative methods, to compress the video headers, to mux several files together (join them together) and split the DVD episodes (in case your drop the folder from a video DVD).


The conversion is really fast and takes only a few seconds. But obviously MetaFox is so much fast because it is just changing the container to MKV and the audio or video streams are not re-encoded. While this could be useful under some situations to change the container to MKV, if you want also to re-encode the files then you should be looking at something like Handbrake.

You can download MetaFox from