Microsoft Adds Options to Pause Windows Updates in Windows 10

Microsoft has finally added a feature that was in great demand all these years. They have implemented an option to temporarily pause the Windows Updates in Windows 10. This is something that many users have already been doing using many different techniques like stopping the Windows Update (wuauserv) service for some time. Now you won’t have to use all these hacks and workaround to pause the sudden installation of Windows Updates even when you are in middle of some important work.

The new feature exists only in the Windows 10 Build 14997 which was leaked a few days ago on the internet. So if you are in the Insider Preview group, you may get this new feature in a few weeks or so. In order to access this new feature, you have to open the Windows settings, go to Update and Security, then Windows Updates section, and then open Advanced options.

In the advanced options, you can find the usual options along with a new option to Pause Updates. A simple flip-on switch will turn on this feature. Once enabled the Windows Updates will be disabled for next 35 days. A message shows the exact data until which the updates will stay disabled. After the 35 days have passed, Windows will automatically turn off this feature and make an attempt to download and install the new updates available from the Microsoft servers. A notification will also be displayed when this happens.

Windows 10 Pause Updates

Even though this new feature will pause the updates, it will not pause the updates for Windows Defender. This is done to make sure that your PC stays protected from malware in the event you come across a malicious program.

Since this feature is available only on one of the insider preview builds, it may not be available in the final version which will be released to everyone in the April in 2017.