New Emojis for the Fans of Jean Claude Van Damme (JCVD)

It is my personal belief that they made the best action movies in the 1990s – True Lies, Terminator 2, Die Hard, Cliffhanger, The Matrix, Independence Day, Golden Eye, Hard Target, Knock Off and many more. Of all of these movies, all the ones with Jean-Claude Van Damme are my favorite ones. I first became his fan after watching Knock Off which still stays in my DVD collection for watching on those slow afternoons. Needless to say, I was overcome with the feelings of joy when I found out that JCVD has just released a new set of emojis depicting all of his favorite martial art moves – high kicks, back hand punches and of course his most popular splits.


The JCVD emoji pack is available for both the iPhone as well as the Android users. You can visit Google Play store or Apple App Store to download and install the emojis. The JVCD emoji pack is not free though but is is very cheap. The emoji collection contains 160 different emojis and all of the show one or other style of the great action star. In the emojis, JCVD is flying his kick high in the air, he is pumping iron in the gym, making you sweat in the gym, and in one of the emojis he is doing the splits over a pair of tigers.


As mentioned by JCVD himself on his Instagram, he himself was involved in the creation of these emojis. These emojis work in all the applications where GIF animations can be copy-pasted. The Jean-Claude van Damme emojis come with a QWERTY keyboard and can be used only from that keyboard. But you can definitively view the emojis used by other people or used previously by you.

Android users can get the VanDammemoji from  and Apple iPhone users can get it from


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