Download Instagram Pictures in Windows with 4K Stogram

Instagram is not only the new way of sharing your pictures with your friends and family but it has also become a new way of connecting with your fans or followers. I personally follow some of the authors and they sometimes invite all their fans to public events through Instagram. I consider it much better than Facebook or Twitter. If you have used Instagram on your smartphone, then you know that the Instagram app does not allow you to download the pictures to your phone. The same is true for the Instagram web app that you can open in any web browser.

But if you use the 4K Stogram application then you can download pictures from any public Instagram profile. 4K Stogram is an Instagram downloader that works for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. This program allows you to download and backup Instagram photos and videos from your own account or from other public accounts. You can also download from even the private accounts but only if you follow those users.

4K Stogram

You have to enter the Instagram username, hashtag or location in the search box and then click on the Subscribe button. And if the keyword you entered matches someone’s account on Instagram then it will populate all the photos from their account in the 4K Stogram window. The same is true for the hashtag and the location. When you choose to search a location, you have to enter the location in a different window.

4K Stogram

You can then click on any of these thumbnails displayed in the 4K Stogram to open the downloaded images in the default image viewer. You can also right-click on these pictures to view the options for opening them in image viewer, open the folder where they are downloaded, open them on Instagram or share them on Facebook or Twitter.

4K Stogram

The free version of the 4K Stogram allows you to follow only two Instagram accounts at one time. If you try to follow a third account, it displays the window to purchase the license key. In the options for the 4K Stogram, you can choose the folder where the downloaded pictures are saved. You can also add your Instagram credentials so that you can access private profiles on Instagram.

4K Stogram

Conclusion: 4K Stogram makes downloading Instagram pictures very easy. You can download your entire instagram profile to create a backup of all of your pictures and videos on your local hard disk.

You can download 4K Stogram from

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