Update Disabler : Disable Automatic Updates in Windows 10

With the release of Windows 10 last year, Microsoft has adopted a very different update policy – now they release updates much more frequently and these updates can remove previously existing features too. For some Windows users this could be a problem to see their PC suddenly restarting every few days because Windows is installing the updates. As if the whole process is not enough to disrupt your work flow, it also shows the messages and notifications that an update is needed or the update is completed.

If you are working on something that requires zero disturbance not even from Microsoft, then you can use the Update Disabler application which can reliably disable all the automatic updates in Windows 10. This tool works by installing a service in Windows and disabling the automatic update related scheduled tasks, services and other processes if they are active.

Installing the Update Disabler requires an elevated command prompt which you can easily open in Windows 10 by clicking on the File then Open command prompt and then Open command prompt as administrator. in the same folder where you have extracted the UpdaterDisabler.exe file.

Windows 10 Update Disabler

After this you have to give a command to install the Update Disabler service in Windows. The command for this is UpdaterDisabler.exe -install. This will copy the executable, set it up as a Windows service and then start it. Upon the service start, all of the automatic update functions will be disabled. And since this service starts at Windows logon, it keeps disabling the automatic updates each time you start your PC.

Windows 10 Update Disabler

One of the benefits of this method is that even if Windows or some other software enables the automatic updates once again, this service will disable it instantly – preventing any updates to be installed in Windows. In case, you have to update Windows, you can either stop this service or remove it from Windows. The command line to remove the service is UpdaterDisabler.exe -remove for which an elevated command prompt is again required.

Conclusion: Update Disabler can effectively disable the Automatic Updates in Windows 10. But this should be used only in rare situations and only by advanced individuals who understand the risks of running a Windows PC without latest updates.

You can download Update Disabler from http://winaero.com/blog/windows-10-update-disabler-disables-windows-10-updates-reliably.

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