Manually Add Websites to Password Saving Exception List in Firefox

When you enter your login credentials on any website, Firefox prompts you to save the credentials in a Firefox database so that next time you have to login to the same website, you do not have to manually type in the username and password all over again. This is very convenient feature and can save your valuable time in the long run. But there are some websites for which you should not save any login credentials, for example, online banking sites or websites that carry out financial transactions for you like PayPal.

You can obviously visit these websites and choose to add them to exception list whenever Firefox prompts to save the login credentials. But if you do not want to accidentally hit on the save button in such prompts and add the sites to the password saving exception list without having to visit these sites first, then you can just edit the logins.json file yourself. Here is how:

  1. Open your Firefox profile folder by entering about:support in the Firefox address bar and clicking on the Show Folder button on the page that opens up.
  2. Close all the open Firefox windows.
  3. In your Firefox profile folder locate the file logins.json and open it in a text editor (preferably in Notepad++).
  4. Append this in the end before the last closing curly bracket (}) – “version”:1,”disabledHosts”:[]
  5. Inside the square brackets ([ ]), you can add as many domain names as you want but they should be separated by a comma and should be enclosed inside double-quotes. For example, you can add and in this manner:Firefox Login Exception List
  6. Save logins.json and restart Firefox. Now you can go to Options, then Security and then click on the Exceptions button under the Logins section. You will see the added domains in the exception list – Firefox will never ask you to save passwords for these domains.Firefox Login Exception List

Conclusion: Firefox does not provide manually editing the password saving exception list from within Firefox. But with the help of just a good text editor, you can manually add as many websites as you want to the logins saving exception list.