AIO Boot Creates Bootable Disks with Grub2, Clover and Syslinux

In order to make a disk bootable, you have to install boot loaders on them. The free and open-source utility AIO Boot can help you install various boot loaders and then integrate the operating systems with these boot loaders too. AIO Boot supports the integration of Windows, FreeDOS and many hundreds of Linux variants.

The AIO Boot comes in a self-extracting package, and double-clicking on this self-extracting package launches the AIOCreator.exe. In the small window of AIO Boot, you can select the Bootloaders section from the left side. From this section, you can choose to install Grub2, Clover or Syslinux on any of the available disks in your PC. The Grub2 and Syslinux work better with many different variants of Linux while Clover EFI bootloader works better with Windows and Mac OS.

After installing the bootloaders on a disk, you can integrate operating systems or utility programs on this disk. For this, AIO Boot offers the Integrate section. From this section, you can choose one of the packages to be integrated. You can choose from a wide range of boot utilities and operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, FreeDOS, and many others.

AIO Boot

If you want to customize the boot menu, then you can do so from the Menu Editor section. This is useful if you want the boot menu to appear in a certain order or add some extra items manually. You can also configure it to make your system boot via LAN using the TinyPXE server.

AIO Boot is an easy to use tool for making bootable disks or for making use of the third-party bootloaders like Grub2 and Clover. These bootloaders can then be used to create a system with multiple operating systems or for adding other useful utilities like bootable antivirus disks to the system boot menu.

You can download AIO Boot from