How to Play Google’s Solitaire in Any Web Browser

Many of has grown up playing with Windows computers that came with some very basic time pass games like Solitaire, Freecell, Minesweeper and so on. These games were included in Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 7. When Windows 8 was released these games were missing and many people have been wondering ever since why Microsoft decided to remove them. Now after all these years, Microsoft has finally made it public why – these games were not actually included for the entertainment or passing time of users, but they were included to teach the users how to use the mouse.

Back in 1995, the use of mouse was certainly a novelty for the ordinary user and by playing games like solitaire, anybody could practice all the actions possible through a mouse – right-click, left-click, double-click, drag-n-drop and so on. Since that need no longer exists, Microsoft has done away with these games. But you can still play the good old solitaire in any web browser easily.

Google Solitaire

All you have to do is visit Google search engine and try to lookup for “solitaire”. Google displays a small solitaire game that you can play by clicking on Click to play. The game starts as an overlay on the search results page. You can play the game as usual. The score, the number of total moves you have made and the time spent on the game are displayed on the top. The game has undo option and you can start a new game if you get stuck in the one you are playing.

Google Solitaire

Thanks to Google, now you do not have to download or install any software or app to play your favorite card game on any device. This solitaire game works in any web browser and does not require any special plugins.

So what you are waiting for? Just visit Google and search for solitaire.