AV Uninstall Tools Pack Removes Antivirus Software from Windows

Everyone who uses a Windows PC and connects it to the internet must have an antivirus software installed on their PC. You never know when and how you may encounter a nefarious malware that can cause irrecoverable damage to your PC. But when switching to a different antivirus product you have  to remove the previously installed antivirus solution. Many people face problems during the removal of these antivirus software from your PC and in some cases they cannot be removed in the normal manner. In these times, you have to download a removal tool from the antivirus product’s site and it can perform all the necessary steps to remove all the files, registry entries and other items related to that antivirus software.

Instead of searching the web for an antivirus removal tool, you can use the AV Uninstall Tools Pack which is a free package of tools designed for the complete removal of more than 40 antivirus products. It is nearly 200 MB in size and is updated every month to pack the latest versions of the antivirus removal tools of the different vendors.

AV Uninstall Tools Pack

In order to remove an antivirus product, you should first try the regular method of uninstalling it through the Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features  in the Control Panel. If this method fails, only then you can use the antivirus removal tools that come in AV Uninstall Tools Pack. Then all you have to do is launch the AV Uninstall Tools Pack and select your antivirus software from the list on the left side and it will show you a folder where the respective removal tool is located. You can then run this utility and remove the antivirus product from your system.

AV Uninstall Tools Pack also contains some of the tools that can be used to reset the passwords for some antivirus products. They are helpful if you forget the password that you set in the antivirus and which is required to make any changes to the antivirus settings or to remove it from your PC. Using these tools, you can reset the passwords and make it easy to remove the antivirus software.

Verdict: AV Uninstall Tools Pack is useful when are having difficulty removing an antivirus software from your PC. It contains official antivirus removal tools from different antivirus software vendors along with some of the password reset tools.

You can download AV Uninstall Tools Pack from http://uninst.ru/av-uninstall-tools-pack.