How to Disable Auto-playing of Videos in Periscope

Even though Facebook also has a live video streaming function and many people use it, Twitter’s Periscope is still much more popular than any other live video streaming app. I myself follow many people on Periscope and look through their smartphone some of the far off places that I will perhaps never visit in my lifetime. Periscope also enables us to stay in touch with our favorite celebrities and ask them something directly. But every time I check a user’s broadcast history, Periscope starts to play the latest video broadcast automatically. This is great if you are on an unlimited or free WiFi connection. But when on a metered and limited connection, auto-playing of videos can quickly drain all your data plan.

If you do not want Periscope to automatically start playing the videos, then you can easily change the Periscope settings. Here is how:

  1. Launch the Periscope app in your Android device and keep swiping the screen from right-to-left until no more swiping is possible. On this screen, you will see a user profile icon on the top-right corner. Touch this user profile icon to open your Periscope user profile.Video Autoplay in Periscope
  2. In your user profile, you would be able to see all types of details related to your Periscope account – how many users you are following, how many users are following you and more. Touch Settings on this screen to open Periscope app settings.
  3. On the settings screen, scroll down and tap on the Video autoplay to open the options available for it. From the three options that show up on your screen, you have to choose Never play videos automatically.Video Autoplay in Periscope

Disabling the automatic playing of the videos in Periscope is very useful if you are on a metered internet connection and the ISP is going to reduce your connection speed when a FUP (fair use policy) limit is reached.