Avira Password Manager : Generate, Auto-Fill and Save Passwords in Chrome

Password management programs and web browser extensions have become essential in the modern times when everyone seems to have a dozen and one accounts for a myriad of things. These programs let you easily save the login credentials so that you do not have to memorize them or write them down on a piece of paper that always get thrown out with the garbage. Avira, the makers of the free Avira Antivirus, have developed a password manager for Chrome browser called Avira Password Manager.

Avira Password Manager helps you generate strong password for various websites, it saves your login credentials securely over the Avira servers in the encrypted format, it lets you auto-fill the login credentials on the login screen for websites and it can also import previously saved passwords from other apps or extensions.

After the installation of the Avira Password Manager in the Chrome browser, you are taken to the Avira account registration page where you can create a new free account for yourself. Afterwards, you can click on the small Avira icon in the Chrome toolbar and choose to manage your passwords, or open the settings for the extension by clicking on the gear-like icon.

Avira Password Manager

In the settings for the Avira Password Manager, you can choose to automatically login, ask before saving an account, automatically fill the email address and suggest passwords for the currently open website or for all the sites (by changing the global settings).

Avira Password Manager

If you choose to manage the passwords, then it takes you to the Avira website where you can see all of your saved login credentials and edit or remove them. You can also add new login credentials manually. From here you can also manage all of your devices on which Avira Password Manager is installed (it is available for Android, iPhone and Chrome browser).

Avira Password Manager

On this same website of Avira Password Manager, you can also can also carry out various useful password operations. For example, you can export the saved login credentials, import the passwords saved in other password managers, toggle automatic backup of the passwords and more.

Avira Password Manager

Conclusion: Avira Password Manager is a lightweight, unobtrusive and feature rich password manager for Chrome browser. It saves, generates and automatically fill the passwords for all the websites. You can even import the saved passwords from other password managers into Avira Password Manager.

You can download Avira Password Manager fromĀ  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/avira-password-manager/caljgklbbfbcjjanaijlacgncafpegll?hl=en.

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