CopyQ : Cross-Platform Feature Rich Clipboard Manager

Clipboard in operating system is a very useful feature – you can use it to copy various items temporarily in the memory and then paste them somewhere else. But it can keep only one item at a time in the memory – the moment you copy something else, the older contents disappear and new content is overwritten. And that limitation has often resulted in the frustrating an sometimes even in disastrous moments. We have all been there and wished that there was a better implementation of the clipboard. This is where the open-source cross-platform clipboard manager CopyQ comes in.

CopyQ is an advanced clipboard manager that works seamlessly in Windows, Mac and Linux. After the installation it starts to monitor your clipboard and saves all the contents in its own memory. In Windows, it places an icon in the system tray and you can right-click on this icon to disable the clipboard storing, view the list of items stored from the clipboard, view the current contents of the clipboard, and access the CopyQ settings.

CopyQ Clipboard Manager

If you just double-click on the CopyQ icon in the system tray, then it shows the main CopyQ window where you can see a list of all the items stored from the clipboard. You can perform various operations on these contents using the toolbar on the right, e.g., copy, edit, move to clipboard, show content, delete these items and more.

CopyQ Clipboard Manager

In the preferences for the CopyQ, you can choose to wrap the long lines of text (even though these lines in the real content are not wrapped), change the number of items to be stored in the history (default is 200 items), change the layout, change the hotkeys for managing the clipboard contents or the history.

CopyQ Clipboard Manager

Conclusion: CopyQ can easily replace clipboard feature or change the way you use it. It can store multiple items in the memory and lets you manipulate the stored data easily. It even has a search function in case you store hundreds of items in the CopyQ history.

You can download CopyQ from