Bing Wallpaper Automatically Sets Bing Wallpapers in Windows

Bing started to show a unique background wallpaper on their Bing search engine site many years ago. This wallpaper changes every day and could be different for different regions, but usually it is same for everyone in the world. There are so many applications that we have covered before like Bing Desktop or Bing Wallpaper Downloader that can automatically fetch and set these wallpapers from Bing site.

Now there is another open source app for Windows called Bing Wallpaper that can also automatically download and set these beautiful wallpapers. It is a very small program and does not need to be installed. You can just download the program ZIP archive and launch BingWallpaper.exe. However this program is designed using .NET framework and you might have to install .NET framework redistributable.

Bing Wallpaper program runs and sets an icon in the system tray of the Windows taskbar. It also sets itself to be launched automatically at Windows startup so that it can fetch a new wallpaper from Bing every time you start your PC. But you can disable the automatically start operation by right-clicking on this system tray icon and choose to de-select Launch on Startup.

Bing Wallpaper

The program keeps running in the background and whenever a new wallpaper is updated on the Bing website, it fetches it to set it as your Windows desktop background. But if you want to manually force it download and update the wallpaper, you can achieve it from the system tray icon.  You can also choose to save the current wallpaper in form of a JPEG image.

There are no other options for Bing Wallpaper which is what makes it very easy to use. Basically, it is a set and forget type of program – it will keep working in the background and update the desktop background everyday, unless you choose to close it down.

You can download Bing Wallpaper from